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Thread #2: N64 USB Controller Options

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as per my last post i just got into N64 emulation and after playing a few games i'm getting tired of wrestling with my playstation style usb controller. i'd like to know what options i have for getting an n64 (or n64 style) controller into my laptop. i am also especially interested in getting more than one controller for multiplay, so keep that in mind.

after doing some research on the forums here's what i know:

1. there are usb converters available to change the output on an original n64 controller to usb. however i only know of one (blocky looking thing with one n64 input and one ps input), and it wouldnt be cost effective (to me at least) to buy enough for multiplayer. does anyone know of any alternatives?

2. i didnt pick this up on the forum, but i could've sworn i saw an n64 style controller for pc in walmart. now i havent been back to look for it yet, but i was curious as to whether anyone knows if it exists. i havent found one on the web yet.

as always, any help is greatly appreciated :D

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That bulky n64+ps one is pritty bad, get an Adaptoid, the best N64 to USB converter. I have one and it works great!

EDIT: Got mine from here but they look sold out for now.
thats hella expensive though, not to mention non-existant oO , any alternatives?
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