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hey....yea i was wondering, does Thousand Arms work for this emu? could sum1 help me with sumthing else? legend of legaia freezes when i try 2 heal during a fight....the one i'm stuck at is at the byron gettin hyper arts b4 i leev town >=)
yea...i tried every graphic plugins....Next3D(sorry forgot creator name....all i kno is tat its ta new one) and pete's plugins...jus about every plugin i saw

wuts gpu?? and is worth gettin winXP if vgs doesn't work? does epsxe work in xp?

my comp: win98
p3 500mhz, 256mb ram
creat 3d blaster savage4
sound blaster live value

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1. No, Thousand Arms doesn't work with any emu as of this moment. Dunno why.

2. VGS will not work in XP.

3. Yes, ePSXe 1.4 will work in XP

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Originally posted by iEvolutions
calb - under the cdrom plugin options....the option accurate cdrom timing does the same thing rite?

gettin new comp-
duno wuts gd......
ne1 mind helpin me?
Right. But you'll still need the "-legaia" commandline.

[]s Badaro
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