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It may be helpful for some to be aware that Threads of Fate and Thousand Arms are not entirely compantible with pSX. Both, in my experience, will seem to work until they arrive at a crashing point that the games will just not get past. in ToF it happens really early, especially in the male's story. It will happen before you can even take control of the character. With the girl, it the first map will be really glitchty and if you walk over a certain area, it will freeze. In TA, it will not happen until well into the game... certain dating sequences will mess it up as will a specific scene after the train city. I would not recommend playing either of these games on pSX.

However... in my experience, pSX runs most games a lot better than epsxe and without nearly as much work... but when it glitches up and doesn't work, it glitches up and doesn't work and there's nothing to be done about it.

So my question is... does anyone have any experience runniing either of the Lunar games on psX and playing them to completion? Any glitches I might like to know of?
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