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Thousand Arms Disc 2

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How do I get disc 2 to play on my ePSXe I have ver. 1.7.0 I saved in Myscatonia right before i go in to meet Metalia. It was asked to go to sleep and then it said "insert disc 2" and when i go to change disc nothing happens it's still on the screen that says "insert disc 2". I then exited and open the ISO file for disc 2 buuut it says "insert disc 1". Help me please

(i like this smilie :drool:)
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please do a search next time, i have already addressed this issue in the FAQ.
you're fine, just do yourself a favor and remember that the FAQs are there to help people from wasting their time and searching through hundreds of threads that are often not even relevant to their questions.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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