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thoughts on the Lynnfield CPUs

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I still haven't bought a new PC. Hopefully I will buy one around the end of the year. PCGaming and PCSX2 will be the most taxing uses for my PC. (Video encoding doesn't matter because it will be very infrequent.)

I am a FAN of AMD, but not a Fan-boy. There is a difference. The best thing going for the Phenom II x4 lineup is the VALUE it offers.

For me, 4 Cores is the way to go ( I know PCSX2 only uses 2 ).

Of the sites I regular follow, 2 recommend Core i5, one recommends Core i7 860, and one still recommends Core i7 920. That makes it hard for me to decide. AMD is STILL a possibility, especially if they lower prices again.

Paying $100 to $200 more for an Intel system that performs 5 to 10% better is not a good value. On the other hand, I purchase a new system every 4 or 5 years - - that extra cost over time doesn't add up to much.

Anyway, please share your thoughts on the Lynnfield lineup.


anandtech - for cost effectiveness: the Core i7 860
"In terms of cost effectiveness however - the Core i7 860 is the way to go. With cheaper motherboards and higher operating frequencies than a Core i7 920, for the majority of users the 860 will be the better pick. "

Tom's Hardware: Core i5 Recommend Buy
"But based on our benchmarks here and our game testing with single and dual Radeon HD 4870 X2s and GeForce GTX 285s, we’re most excited about the value of Core i5. "

HardOCP - Core i5 Editor's Choice
"If you are first and foremost a gamer and an overclocker, the Core i5-750 makes every other solution look like wasted money. "

bit-tech still recommends i7-920
"With that in mind, even if you like the look of the Core i5-750, you really should decide whether you can stretch to an i7-920 as things currently stand, just to make sure you're getting a good deal. Either way, our advice is to go out and buy a Core i7-920 before Intel realizes its mistake and discontinues it."
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The easiest way to tackle this is not to look at how much its worth spending, but rather how much you're willing to spend. Otherwise you'll end up getting lost in 'buts' and 'what ifs'.

Don't fall into the trap that is good marketing. You'll end up using more money than is needed.
Thank you for the good advice.

At current prices, my budget can afford either AMD or Core i5.

The i7 has Hyper-threading, while the i5 does not.
Is it true that Hyper-threading only improves performance in some PC Games?
As far as PCSX2, does Hyper-threading only make a noticeable difference in Software mode?

As Cid said, with HT the difference is small at best.

With Lynnfield you get the Turbo option to make up for it though. Which, if you don't overclock, will help you significantly in PCSX2.

If you can afford i5, go for it. Its superior to the PhenomII line in terms of performance. So much so, that it actually gives the i7 a run for its money in terms of performance, and absolutely crushes it when you factor in value.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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