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Microsoft has recently released their new search engine called Bing.

Personally I think the name sounds stupid. The name makes me think of a pimp with a feathered hat and cane.

I decided to try Bing to see if it matches up against Google.

My initial impressions:

Pros: Video playback loads up nice and fast. Better than Google.

Cons: No foreign servers listed as top. If you type in the word, "Gainax", the company's homepage is listed 4th on google's homepage.

Gainax's official website doesn't list in Bing.

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I tried using a few uncommon searches related to generally petty things, and it didn't seem to produce the desired results like Google. Also, its background is distracting, and it would do much better were it plain/non-existent.

That said, its a huge improvement from Live Search, and if they pour enough money into it, they very well may get somewhere with it. Its the closest thing to a Google killer to date.

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it is quite good actually, apart from the distracting background, there is a few things that it couldnt find, but that only natural just after its release.
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