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Those with 1.4 beta....

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I had my copy emailed to me last night. Alot of people are saying that games like goldeneye and perfect dark are running alot better.

I can see slight improve in goldeneye but it's still not very playable, what setting do you guys use to get it to run well?

P.S If you dont want to discuss beta programs publicly, email me

I would use the pj64 official BSS if it wasn't down...

EDIT - Withheld email. Please guys, stop emailing me about sending you the beta. I don't want to put the project in jeopardy by leaking or distributing it, if you want it donate! The final should be out before christmas so it aint that long
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Hmm, I'm getting the game right now to test it ... what PC are you using ?
Duron 650
384MB Ram
Windows XP

I don't think it's my pc, as it runs great on 1964. Trouble is it runs too fast to play!
u posteed this on emutalk as well.

i dont hav the betabut basically, perfect dark isnt runing better in this version, its actually running, so it doesnt matter how good it is, pj64 1.4 didnt rpomise to run all these games perfect, it just has tried to do it the best it can.

i bet it will get much better with future beta releases (could be wrong). but at the mo, smiff recommends an athlon 1.2 ghz to play it well, anything below will suffer.
Well, I am one of the glad ones to have this version, and all I can say you is that Perfect Dark requires a hell of a machine ... on my second PC, an Athlon Duron 900 with GeForce 2 MX, it stutters ! Only on my 1.4 Ghz Athlon with GeForce 3, it's running really smooth.

Keep in mind you can't compare N64 emus to each other, they are all programmed different and therefor produce different speeds on different machines.
also this only the first stage in the beta testing. thing could change.
also when we finally are able to use jabos 1.4 in 1964 then we can see if things are speedup up. smiff said the goldeneye, conkers, and perfect dark all require the specs u said. but on 1964 goldeneye and conkers dont need even half of that processer speed. so maybe neither does perfect dark. as long as jabos gfx displays the game near perfect, the one pj64 has gone, other emus can work around the speed problems.
With the limitation of other emus progress are halted by the state of Jabo´s video plugin. 1964 v0.7.0 is furious and compatible but if and when Pj64 is cancelled/discontinnued it can be more compatible then project64 but if it emulates a game perfectly w/o gfx support who is going to know. Since Pj64 hasn´t been discontinued yet there is no real way of what is going to happen post mortem aka after it has been stopped developed.

Since I´m not on the beta list I have no way of finding out it this and that works, except by posting annoying q like this one to people who have been generos enogh to donate, does the the lens of truth now dispaly false walls? I saw that this issue was marked blue aka solved on Smiff´s pj64 known issues page.
Despite what the author mention in his readme file about D3D and Voodoo, voodoo cards (referring to V5) work fine..seems to wanna push beyond 60fps but I guess pj64 has a fps limit. However, keep in mind I'm using a the modified Omega V5 drivers (not official ones), the D3D performance is about 4x greater than the official drivers. Omega D3D drivers has become VERY stable and fast, if not better than nvidia's. PD is so close to perfect, still cranking at 60 fps despite some gfx garble. This is not so much dependent on the CPU as much as you guys think. I'm running on 1ghz athlon, v5 and 512 ram.

Bobbi, it seems to a system RAM issue, that causes the stutter on your Duron system. How much RAM do you have on that system? Because its not that PD is so graphically as complex as some other n64 games, but the fact that it a freakin huge rom.

Zeus, I can assured you that pj64 is long from being cancelled, but developing at a progressive pace since its in beta phase now. I too am glad to beta test this, and trying to get my input.

For those harassing others for a copy of the betas, STOP NOW! It won't any good for you and certainly won't do any good for the pj64 development.
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