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They gotta be joking...

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Well, in the place I live playstation 2 has been completly sold out, but today I could find a store that has it... However, there is a slight problem...

playstation 2 --- around 149 euros
playstaion 2 with 2 game (the new Lord of the Rings and Fifa 2005) --- around 280 euros
And the first one, without any game, is still sold out... is it just me, or they are really joking with this? I mean, more 130 euros for a game? :|
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Probably they are also including a memcard and an extra controller... usually when they sell a console with games the 2 above mentioned items are bundled as well.
I think it's simply overpriced. should be 180 ?
Yeah, both come with a memcard, but the first one just only has 1 control... but apart from that, I really think it is really overpriced...

1 control + 1 game = 130 euros? -_-
It is overpriced, though not by much... games in Spain for the PS2 range from 45 to 80 euros so... a controller worth 30 euros doesn't leave you too far away from that price...
hm, but you should get a discount on the game if you buy it with the console....
it's definately overpriced.
Of course it is... the price for the PS2 alone is overpriced already. Euros are more expensive than USDs and the PS2 in US is around 110-120 bucks. Guess that if you want a PS2 you don't have much of a choice if you live where he does though...

It should be around 80-90 euros then.... Perhaps importing wouldn't be such a bad idea :???:
How many USD does a new PS2 game cost?
Well, I am going to store personally in a couple hours, to see if at least I can change the game that comes with it... to get DBZ Budokai 3 or something... If I can't, I will have to wait some more time for the "alone ps2"...

But now, I found something even worse, check this:

- The new ps2;
- 2 controls dualshock 2;
- dvd control;
- memory card of 8 MB;
- vertical support thingy;
- game GTA: SA;
- game Singstar with 2 microphones;

= 380.43 euros...

Well, if anyone wanted to get the one with the game, this one would be better, for only 100 euros you would get an extra game and many other stuff!
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Games here cost around 60€ and thats alot for our life rate. :/
But that's not the problem... I mean, I am just complainning about the price of the ps2 + game, sicne the extra price would let you buy 2 games! -_-
the basic ps2 pack costs 150e; I don't think I've seen any recent package with extra's that was over 200e.
I got a new v10 ps2 + controller + one game for 180€ so yes it is overpriced
Around here, it's 220 €, with a game... =\
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