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There is a GPU!!

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ePSXe saying it´s not completely configurated go to config video to configure it. Well the list there is empty for some reason. All the other plugs are sitting nicely where they should be. I got the petes gpu plug folder in the same place as the other plugs folders. Going mad.
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Well, delete the ePSXe registry entries and attempt to reconfigure the video config again.
Now it says: Error loading [plugins\gpuPeteOpenGL2.dll]. If its not gonna work soon I´m gonna show it some Retarded Animal Babies...
I think you're using linux, arnt you? That error is happening if you dont install the plugins correctly. One file needs to be in the plugin dir. And another in the cfg dir. I cant quite remember wich. Be sure you read the readme thoroughly.
Er...this shows that the file isn't present in the directory.
Ensure that the plugins are UNZIPPED into the plugins directory.
Win XP actually. Got rid of the ERROR messages. Downloaded some files. Appeared it was GL, not GL2 that I had. Only thing now is that File-Run CDROM doesn´t start the game. Makes the disc spin in the drive thou. :eyemove: I must be close... or not.
Jeeyah! Final Fantasy VII up and running. This game is solid gold! Brings back memories. Oh the times I´ve had with... Spent literally hundreds of hours playing it. Can´t wait the PS3 version. Thanks for the help everybody! ;)
You should also try out a frontend like Cutor or delta. Unless u really only wanna play FF7. ^^
Just got the delta and it's working fine. Problems with FF6 and 9 thou. FF6 locks controls at the big Final Fantasy VI screen and FF9 shows only a black screen. But 7 and 8 working great. Graphics little low res and edgy but a better gfx card would probably fix that. :guitar:
final fantasy 9 needs a patch. download it and rename it according to ur cd region. then put it in ur patches directory and enables ppf patches. that shud get it workin
There's easier way: buying PS2 :heh:
FF9 now working. Thanks. Got the patches. Didn't rename anything thou... Enabled the Read subchannel from your cdrom.. What does that do anyway?
reading subchannels gets you by the PAL copy protection, which a PPF patch also does.
So I don't need the patches? What are the patches for if subchannel reading does the same thing?
patches are for if you dont want to enable subchannel reading, or if your CD drive doesnt read subchannels. you can also PPF patch your ISO if you made it without subchannel data.
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