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There are no women on the Internet

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architectural purpouse... well ... that sounds 'funky' ;) :evil:
Exodus said:
as much as statistics show that the number of female gamers it growing, i don't see them coming to a forum about emulation.
Emulation forum? Where, where? Link plz.
What do you say? You mean that this is not a forum about misc topics like science, politics, religion, etc. but emulation itself!!?? Like... Lord of Darkness!!!
I'd like to confess about something...

I'm really a girl... just look at my's waaay obvious.

edit: I cant stand to have a gay looking woman as my avatar...sorry, but I lied. :p
Really sasuke, you almost had me... not :p
I'd take that as a compliment... Guess I'm too 'macho' to be a girl. :p
maybe i just saw the guy too much ... :p
Kaiser Sigma said:
Emulation forum? Where, where? Link plz.
well, regardless of what is talked about, its primary purpose is still emulation, hence the name. whether or not someone would ignore the forum's name when first checking it out is unlikely.
True, actually. Most people wouldn't know that, apart from emulation, we also discuss about Rei Ayanami's pubic hair color. :p
/me stomps death metal in the gut.

She's shaved dammit. Go read the hentai pages. You know i'm right ;)
Death Metal said:
True, actually. Most people wouldn't know that, apart from emulation, we also discuss about Rei Ayanami's pubic hair color. :p
Don't forget that I also auction real size ecchi pillows featuring anime characters... :p
No wonder there are no women on the Internet is because you always talk about hentai, ecchi, pr0n and stuff.

How bout discussing shounen-ai for a change?
Why do you care about gender on the internet anyways? Let me be the first one to break reality into you... no, you won't meet the love of your life through a monitor. Go out and work your ass off like the rest of people (which does not include me since I am not interested in commitments) :p
Huwaat?!111!! I wont meett the luv of my lyf thru a moniter!11...
damn.. I wasted 16 years of my life ignoring all those RL girls because I always thought I would meet a tifa-look-a-like on the net...*sigh*

Seriously, Gender on the net matters. I mean there won't be a comotion like this if there were women around.
First of all the whole point of this thread is humor (I mean, look at the thread's creator). Second, the gender on the net does not matter at all... on an argument I won't go easier on a person just because of its gender... not to mention that such idea is extremely chauvinistic.
Gender, what is that? ^_^;

You mean there are people who are invunrable between the legs?!
We are... if we wear the adecuate protections...
thats only if you're given a warning, have a cup with you, and are given the chance to put it on. so... unless you like walking around with one 24/7 they'll get you one day!
i hear there are problems with wearing cups anyways; they chaff the skin.
81 - 100 of 116 Posts
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