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There´s any other castlevania for the PSX ....?

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There´s any other castlevania for the PSX other than symphony of the night??
i really love that game
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No, right now there isn't another castlevnia game for PSX. But Konami is supposedly bringing over another Castelvania game that appeared in Japan years ago.
Symphony of the Night was supposedly the best Castlevania game ever made. I agree with that too.:)
really ; i didnt even know that its available for the psx , i thought its for the ultra64 only...woow! i think im gona get one.
It came out about 5 years ago for the psx. It's a pretty good game too.
Synphony is the best Castlevania ever

Castlevania was definitely the deepest castlevania of them all, with RPG elements and an extensive map, inventory and spells, equipment. Simply the best. A new Castlevania, similar in it's system to Synphony, will be released at launch with the Game Boy Advance, called Circle of the Moon.
ultra 64? do you mean nintendo 64?
the nintendo 64 castlevanias really sucked ass..
i´ve played the gamaboy advance....

i´ve played the gamaboy advance version of castlevania, the circle of allom.
its pretty good, kinda mix - snes graphics and gamaplay remember symphony...
u have special itens that let u double jump, run faster and others.
u play with richard belmont again, and has something new, some cards, and depending on the macth u do, your whip turns to fire, u get stronger...
looks great, but of course its smaller and a little bit easier that symphony, but its ok for a handheld
I think I finally might update to a new gameboy when the advanced comes out, got the original in 1989 and it still going.:)
Yeah, that new Castelvainia looks good, but I really thought I heard of a new one for PSX.
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