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the xbox emulator

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what would the system condition have to be in order to emulate an x-box game at full speed if there's an x-box emulator?
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The xbox is made of pc parts... but so are most of the new consoles today...

But xbox is more so than others... The thing that will make it easier than most emulators to emulate is the fact that it uses an x86 arcitecture processor rather than a risc processor.

(well, the p5 and above are emulators of the risc... x86 instructions are converted to risc, then processed, then converted back to x86)

One of the hardes parts in emulaton (from my experice) is converting the processor code to the proper format for the cpu to handle...

I belive that the xbox is going to be the easiest emulation project of all times... And maybe for my capstone (aka thesis project for thoes who dont attend a college with a university studies program) for my CS degree next year, i will write an emu for it...
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