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The way to speed up your moderm.........................

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This may be really stupid but read it first I just want information..................
My friend told he took his moderm to telephone shop and modifly it...................
He told me he got heaven speed.
Before he do it he got ping 200 up in online games
but after he got ping 40.Is this possible !!!!!!!!!!!
I really confused.Can anyone explain this..........
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I'm guessing but did he flash upgrade to V92? This would speed up gaming slighty (probably not THAT much though)
hey enigma, not moderm but modem (modulate demodulate)
Rio, Enigma is doing the best he can w/English. He's from Thailand.
Enigma, sounds like Betamax may be correct. Either your friend flash up graded or he upgraded his drivers. When I upgraded my modem's drivers, I saw a huge difference in speed. Also, I just wanted to say that I think you are doing quite well w/English. Keep up the great work.
sorry enigma, but actualy your english better than me ;)
No,he said you did not modify any software.............
He just said he modify only hardware.......
Rio that ok.............I will improve my english ;)
Improbable. Most hardware modifications would require the ISP to support them. And if he had upgraded to V.92, his ISP would also have to support that..

Also, for those clueless about V.92, why not take a look at this URL.
I will try on that site later...............
Anyway I have no idea about this I try to ask him.Is it joke or not???
He said he did not joke anything on me.That why I post this topic here..................
Good point CD. I never mentioned this fact 'cos I assumed that this must be the case. But then again I don't know anything about ISP's in Tailand!:D
if your friend says that he upgraded the hardware,is there any possibility that he changed the modem's chip from hsp to dsp(is that possible?)
connection speed

umm...... jus wanna kno, can a person connect to da internet using a 28.8k modem get a 128kbps :eek: ??? tat wat my couzin hav?? :confused: even he dunno how he get it!
jus curious, but want to get at tat speed though with my 56k :D
What your cousin is seeing is most likely the port speed of the modem, which is 115k or so.

Countless people come to me telling me their modem is running at that speed, when it's just windows reporting the port speed of the modem... *sigh*
but i jus live downstair though....... the phone line should at least be similar, my should be newer than his since i jus got another line (same phone company)..... but i manage to get only a lousy 45333bps and da d/l speed between his n mine is pretty much da same....... his 28.8k modem n mine 56k v90 modem, n i hav many program try to optimize my speed but all fail miserably :eek: ???? another cuzin of mine, which live far away, hav a same modem as mine but her d/l is about 7.sumthin per sec ??? :confused: or mayb i jus bad luck gettin all these crap things while cuzin enjoy all da goodzzzzz....... ummm..... maybe i should get dsl or cable
speed :laser:
performance :mg:
quality :rockets:
Oh dear this old turkey. As CD just said,

It IS NOT reporting the speed of the modem.

In the case of your cousin it IS reporting is the speed of the COM port that the modem is plugged into!

In your case it IS reporting the speed of the modem.

Stop complaining. All I get is 40000bps. 45333bps is actually pretty damn good connection. Its about as fast as you could get without actually living in the telephone exchange.:D

As for your other cousin's 7.x download rate that would probably mean that she has compession enabled I guess.
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hmmm..... actually :eye:, tis isnt bout da speed of my modem cuz connection speed deal wit da quality of da phone line. Da betta it is, da faster it is.... i also think da faster bps is due to shorter distance to da phone company, good quality line give by da phone company and da time u go on (peak time or night)..... these r jus my hypothesis...... or sum1 thought of it already
n btw, d/l speed deal wit da modem, but my 56k v90 d/l speed is da same as my cuz's 28.8k modem. at sum time, i could get down to 33.6kbps or 21.6k or maybe up to 49.3k or 51.3k, then can u explain. btw, at my old house, i even go up to 56-65kbps b4 :eek:
neway, it possible to go higher than tat cuz all my fren hav in da 50s kbps (at netime, all da time).
neway, i kno da problem n it cant b fixed :(
danx for ur reply (for replying to my dumb question, should hav check n research b4 postin on da board)
i should get my brain checked.... mayb my low IQ is da problem :confused: :dead:
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Man that is hard to read! Anyways distance is a factor in this but there are others, eg quality of cable, the gain on the line, the pop location, oversubscription etc... This is normal.
sowwie, i hav a problem wit spellin :p, but its good to ask ques. cuz it make me learn more :confused: ?!?! neway, i wanna noe if theres a website tat hav info for comp parts?? i wanna kno more! Danx in advanzz!!!
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