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The way to die.

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Lets face it we all are going to die someday. How would you like to go? If I had a choice it would be quick, instantaneous. I would not like to go burning or drowning.
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Would rather not think about it ;)
I would wanna die the same way this old guy died on that hooker reality show on hbo where the old man died from heart attack while havins sex with a prostitute.died with a smile on his face.i would want to die having sex because it's a fun moment:).At least your not in pain and it's over quickly.
*looks at above post* ...:rolleyes:

I'd rather die fighting for my moral and code of honour.

dunno, somehow i would like to experience every different way of dieing but unfortunatly thats not possible...
Die? Let's see... Nope, that's not really in my agenda.
Seriously though, I've just been too occupied with life itself that I haven't put any thought into it. Maybe I'll take a sky-diving lesson only to go horribly wrong. Painless (if you don't bounce that is), but quite messy.
@Leiw : What are you smoking right now? :p
No offence ;)

I want to die, sacrificing myself and I want my death to be memorable to be remembered ^_^

/Likes Elly's idea

When I fantasize about death (and I'm not all suicidely depressed). they tend to run along the lines of martyrism. You know, sacraficing ones self to save another person from being hit by a car, falling off a building, or being executed by a bank robber. :rolleyes:

Of course, I like the one where I am nailed to a couple of 2X4s and die from dehydration/blood loss and for the next 300 years people invent a religion surrounding my sacrafice which becomes the principle belief system of millions over the next 1700 years. That would be sweet. ;)

If I had my druthers though, I would really just prefer not to die at all.

Oh, and if I get cancer, I am so taking up smoking tobacco again. :innocent:

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This is a subject that is very dear to my heart.

I want to die with a large dose of barbiturates (something around 2g of either Secobarbital or Pentobarbital) and a plastic bag over my head.

It will provide a quick, painless death.
with whatever is around me at the time that I feel most down. glass bottle, car, plastic beer cups, corn dog stick, or a my old modem that shocked me even when no power was going through the computer at all.
If I have to die from unnatural causes, I'd like to be assasinated fighting political corruption.
However I die, I want it to be long and painful. Only die once. (At the current stage of technolgy, that is ;) )
Can't say I'm a fan of painful, long is something I never knew though...*cough*...yep
Bullet to brain, explosive orgasm (liturally), saving someones life, first man to attempt time travel - gets eaten by T-Rex, crashing my spaceship into an asteroid to save humanity, after having had sex with a moon princess, to be honest, I don't really care, aslong as if I suffer, I take a few with me :evil:

Enjoy life, sod death, it's all compost in the end :D
I want to die in a blaze of glory. I think dying in a last stand against aliens would be pretty cool, although there wouldn't be any humans around to remember it.
i want to die in such a way that it will haunt some kid from the time he sees it til the time he dies
I'll never die after all Boltzmann has told me about

Hehe, dukenukem has a point :) Hmm, let's see... I've never thought of that. But I think it could be either while having sex or saving the life of somebody who's close to me...
duke nukem , the name of the movie was "whore" . jumping out of a plane with no chute would be My choice .
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