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Okay pls put your thoughts here :D
also i wanna a list+ pics from "playable" games (playable means no other problems than speed)

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i think feedback from a wider range of users would be useful.

For a public release i suggest you disable the SysPrintf's in aVu1MemoryOverf and aGifTteX_X and the new "xxx error, overflow..." messages.
Most users want to have the log window enabled, but these SysPrintf's are big CPU hogs.

Also i would like an extra optimized build for SSE2, as Intel claims that applications run an average of 15% faster with that optimization.

The traffic light colors give you a clue about the compatibility of my tested games:

Beats Of Rage v1.0028 (and Mods)
NeoCD Emulator
all of these homebrew projects run with an average 20 FPS on my system (P4 2600)

My really playable commercial games are as of September, 21st 2004:

Akira Psycho Ball PAL - OK

Super Bust-A-Move aka Puzzle Bobble - OK

Summoner 1 - OK

GTC Africa - OK

Way Of The Samurai 2 -OK

Fisherman's Challenge - interpreter only

F1 Racing Championship - messed up alignments/polygons

Jade Cocoon 2 - goes into actual gameplay, but totally messed up alignments/polygons

Kengo: Master Of Bushido - missing background

Monkey Island - messed up gfx

Wild Wild Racing - you know its status quo

Some games used to go into actual gameplay, but not with current betas:
V-Rally 3


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Thought working memcards and movies were the objectives for 0.7 ? And err, there's still a lot of work to be done on that :p

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/me agrees with Raziel. Work you lazy lam0rs ! :p... only asadr is doing something now,...oh wait, he's lazy too :p j/k


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/me agrees with Raziel & Elly...
... but if you want to make a release... so be it... :heh:

Anyway here's my full list (all japanese version) with comments & links... very few still reach in-game with beta from 02 September... :(

-fantavision: went ingame with no 3D before... doesn't star anymore ( )

-super puzzle bobble: playable but graphic errors still present...

-gradius 3&4: gradius 3 plays very very slowly with gfx error... gradius 4 too... with ship missing (

-dead or alive 2: crash the emu

-zettai zetsumei toshi (SOS final escape): doesn't load anymore ( )

-biohazard code veronica: won't go past the memory test screen anymore

-devil may cry trial version: doesn't load anymore

-blood the last vampire 1st part: does nothing

-blood the last vampire 2nd part: does nothing

-project zero (fatal frame): reacts and displays menus until the intro's video

-devil may cry: does nothing

-Final Fantasy X: does nothing

-maximo: show the animated loading menu then the Capcom logo... then stop

-shadow of memories: game started with no 3D with asadr beta before... but not in the last one (

-ka (mr mosquito): crash after displaying title... no 3D... (

-skygunner: crashes the emu...

-boku to mao (okage shadow king): freezes on boot

-marvel vs capcom 2: stops loading quickly...

-seven cavalry of molmoth: won't go past the namco logo...

-ico: does nothing

-rez: displays an orange thing... that's all ( )

-rakugaki ongaku (magic pengel): starts but big 3D parts missing... crash before first in-game action... ( )

-silent hill 2: does nothing

-silent hill 3: pad doesn't react anymore.... (

-clock tower 3: does nothing

-soul calibur 2: seem to do some intern test stuff but shows nothing

-onimusha: show memory card test then stops loading

-Silpheed the lost planet: does nothing anymore

-Hungry ghosts: crash

-Bloody roar 3: reaches menus... no 3D in real time demo... ( )

-Everblue: goes in game but so slowly, it's unplayable (and almost un-testable) (about 1/4 frame per sec)( )

-goemon: does nothing

-mojib ribon: show a strange grid sometime but crash

-Siren: crash before starting to display 3D (

-Taishou Mononoke Ibunroku: goes in game ( )

-Guilty Gear XX: memory card check, pad doesn't react ( )

-R type final: stuck at memory card test now ( )

-Castlevania: does nothing

-PC Genjin: does nothing

-silent hill 4 The room: stuck at memory card check now( )

-virtua fighter 4: stuck at memory card test now ( )

-katamari damacy: loop on intro video?(

-capcom vs snk 2: does nothing

-rygar: memory card check, pad doesn't react ( )

-gradius 5: crash

-two towers: crash before reaching video (fmv format uncompatible??) (

-venus & braves: crash

Well, here's my two cents : maybe we should wait a few more days to try to solve this pad/memory card problem (again...) if possible... because if not, I fear ngemu will be invaded by noobs crying because 'game X' showed a screen or two before but not anymore... :hdbash:

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No way in hell sirs:

IPU whilst greatly improved, it needs work!
MCD erm, well we can't format it, you can't save to it, and you can't do much bar say it's erm there?

Get those 4 in better condition, a few months hard work, and us testers, and we could have a PCSX2 that TRULY stands out as l33t.

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linuz, dunno if you realise that if you release now you'll release a of that is less functionnal than 0.6 :p

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So erm well we keep testing, you keep fixing, just focus on the main goals, and voila!! Think of it this way, Sofia Zanmolo and Pampita have done a lingerie advert for a mens magazine, it's like a 30 minute fashion show, of them in their undies, you will never see this if you release PCSX2 in it's current state :D
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