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Beyond3D - JPR: The state of OpenGL on Windows Vista

A good read on the current state of OpenGL and various mishaps along the way. Seems there was quite a bit of mis-information about Vista's OpenGL implementation.

"In the end, the transition will finally happen, the chasm will be crossed but there’s a great big village of engineers trying to make it go more smoothly than it has so far. Microsoft wants the transition to happen sooner rather than later. The OpenGL people hope nothing gets dropped in the chasm along the way. Even Apple is interested on the sidelines because wide support for OpenGL boosts the prestige of their operating system which takes advantage of OpenGL. The hardware vendors are working at full speed to improve their drivers. Computer OEMs and their CPU partners are more than ready for the boost to their sales that will come as companies ready to make the move to Vista refresh their hardware." - from article

It also posts some OpenGL benchmarks within Vista which show it's not quite as slow anymore. I've also noticed that in recent driver released from nNvidia, openGL performance has gone up substantially.
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