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The sound...what happened???

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Hey guys!:

I'm running the latest win version of AdriPsx and I noticed that in the other versions there was sound and in this one there isn't! Is it just me or am I doing something wrong? I'm using Null2's Audio Driver and Pete's driver plugins and none of them work, I get no sound!

I used these same plugins in the older versions and I had sound..?!?!?!?! What's the matter??>>?
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adripsx is giving sound in the latesst version too.have you checked the three options on the sound plugin setting.
Disable "SISTEM HUNGER" mode
Does somebody know that makes this option? :confused:
When this active one, the only thing that makes, is to remove the whole music and special effects!:mad:
System Hunger is an option that boosts speed a little... by disabling sound, and boosting AdriPSX priority under Windows.

It is for being used only on very slow PCs.

ei roor

before the installation of the new release, my mdecs ran full speed and with good sound.
after i formated my pc and new version installed, the mdecs got slow and the sound is very choppy!!
any clues on this prob???
slow speed and choppy sound is because of the reason that you might have forgotten to install the latest version of directx.
After a format usually a few files are not installed...........neversurrender in the new versions of windows the directx is already installed......maybe roor knows how to fix it....when my PC do such things I give a big Kick in it's gut....don't use my

Hey glide4ever, you were right ! Ididn't had check marked the Disable System Hunger mode. Now the sound it's working..! Thanks for the help you guys.!
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