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The sound keeps playing when I close ePSXe 1.7.0 ?

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Whats the proper way to close the program. I play a game then either I X out of the game window or close the window from the upper left part of the screen. The program is then closed I'm at my desktop but I still here music from the game. It seems like once I start a game I can't get the emulator menu come up anymore, maybe I'm suppose to close it within the menu ? How do I close the program the right way ? thanks
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are u pressing esc? that should bring up the menu.
clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the window is not the correct way to close out of it, you need to press esc to go back to the GUI and then do file>exit.
When this happens, I simply ctrl+alt+delete, and end the epsxe process.
thats because your a newb. and like losing your save games.
Hmmm, what Squall said is quite true. Closing your ePSXe by clicking only the (x) button on the corner of your window will not make your emulator save the progress that you have made either in your memory card or your save states, meaning you'll lose all progress. Just do it like Jonc2006 stated, press Esc->file->exit.
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