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The second TGIF-thread

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Since the first one was so successful, let's start a new one.

Thank God it's Friday!! :D

Only 2 hours left till weekend, took the afternoon off for some moviewatching/gaming and to go out for dinner tonight. Time to put the drinks in the fridge and have a nice chillout weekend.

You guys got any plans other than spamming the bin at a higher than average rate?
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I'm working the afternoon shift today and tomorrow, which is 3-11pm today, and 3-10pm tomorrow.
I'll just chill when I'm not at work though.

...~4 hours till the shift starts.
O Yea! Still got about 5 hours of work and then it's all the beer i can drink and picanha i can eat!
I currently hate weekends as I always work on them. Soon I should be getting a Monday-Friday schedule...
Will finally beat Super Mario Galaxy on my wii this weekend.

Going to meet with some family.

Maybe some dancing Saturday night.

Sundays I don't drink much because I will regret it on mondays.
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