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press release said:
Saratoga, Calif.-September 24, 2001 -- Gyration, Inc., a leading manufacturer of motion-sensing wireless input controllers for commercial and home entertainment markets, announced today that it has reached an agreement with premier electronic game developer Nintendo Co., Ltd. Under the terms of the agreement, Nintendo will become an active investment partner by purchasing an undisclosed amount of Gyration stock. In exchange, Nintendo will gain access to Gyration research and development in the areas of motion-sensing and wireless technologies.

"Gyration's motion-sensing hardware and software products have become the #1 aftermarket presentation input devices for business communications professionals," states Gyration CEO Tom Quinn. "Partnering with the largest and most successful game console manufacturer in the world will give us an exciting opportunity to introduce our amazing technologies to Nintendo's broad home video game market."

Gyration intends to be the first company to produce game controllers enhanced with gyroscopic motion-sensors, which have a tenfold performance increase over accelerometer tilt sensors and add the ability to sense yaw as well as pitch. A gyro-equipped, motion-sensing controller provides a natural method of game control that draws the player into the game and makes game play more enjoyable. The motion sensor can take the place of a typical thumb pressure pad allowing one-handed game play, or can be integrated into a two-handed controller to add a dimension to game playing not possible with traditional video game controllers.
This press release is 10 days after Nintendo debuted the GC in Japan. We could have had the revocon throughout the GC's entire lifetime.
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