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I've experienced some error with Pete's OGL in the past. If I start ePSXe program, i've got the message: Windows error in something. I don't have any idea why this thing happened. I used P2/400, Riva TNT2 M64, Pete's OGL 1.48, Pete's SPU, TSG CDR.

I assumed that the errror was from my Graphic Card. I've already put this problem in this forum, too. And some of you has advised me to replace the CDR, I try that but the probl. is still there. Finally I used GPU Pete's D3D and it works fine. But I still wondering, why may Riva couldn't work with Pete's OGL?

After that, (actually after I read SX/Amiga notes, that he is currently using GE Force 2 GTS, and how good it is) I bought GE Force 2 GTS_Elsa and I'm pretty sure that the small problem in the past will disappeared. I try Pete's OGL 1.48 and 1.49, and it still failed. OOops!!! USD 170 for nothing. No, not nothing, actually I prefer this card, though.

And then 2 days ago I replaced WinMe with my older Win98 (first edition). BINGO! That's work I run ePSXe with Pete's OGL awesomely....even now I realized that the fps is very stable. I used limit fps for every game (45) and every game I play works just fine (ISS2, PE, SF3D, Vagrant Story, RR4, GT, LMA Mgr 2001,...)

If anyone has the same problem like myself, try discard WinMe!!! Because I think it has some problem that I recognizing besides with this one.... But I'm still looking fwd for WinXP though....

Tks and bye
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