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The Question And Answer Game

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I saw this in another forum and I tought I would play that here just to see how smart the current crop of members are
Here's how it works, someone answers the question of the guy above him and posts the next question, it can be anything from any subject
I will start

A politician will die but there isn't even a conspiracy against the said person, The one to kill him cannot be stopped by any body gurads nor law enforcement, no scientist can stop it with any current tech, what will kill him?
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dude, lot's of topics stinking with spam were posted here in last days, this one is simillar.
You can answer anything you wan't it dosn't have to be accurate, if fact it can be outright outragous then after that ask another question
let me ask another one:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
to get to the other side.. :X
how much does one gram of gold cost?
one gram of gold.

Doesn't this remind us of the silly facts thread?
yes it is similar to that thread

How long is a piece of string?
depends on your perspective.

Can I really ask all kinds of things in this thread?
You can ask anything not against the rules

Why is Samor asking about these things?
because I want to ask the following:

Can this thread be closed? :p
No, the admins are on vacation.

Can I become an admin and close this thread myself? :p
no you cant..

i asked how much is a gram of gold in dollars!! :X (someone answer that)

anyhoo here is a new quastion:which is more heavy? a kilo of metal or a kilo of strings?
They are equaly heavy

Will you be wetter walking in the rain or running in the rain?

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