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The Phantom Menace's DVD

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Well,Georges Lucas got us all,he always said he would never release a Star Wars DVD before all the movies would be done,but here in France it's out since tuesday and no one was expecting it!
I'm happy:) .
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Its out here in the US, too. 2 didcs of Star Wars goodness :)
Well i think this way is better , then wait 6 more years to buy them !
Knowing Lucasfilm, Episode I 'Ultimate Edition' will come out soon, so I'll just wait a while and see what turns up :D
why does everyone love star wars?
I cant see why myself :D
I thought the 1st 2 were ok the 3rd I turned off cos I got bored and the phantom menace was s*ite (well wasnt it?)
Oh well each to his own I spose :smash: :smash:
Only one I really like was Episode VI. It's awesome (especially the final duel against Darth Vader, even thought Episode I had one equally if not more cool).
Yeah,the final duel in Episode I is my all time favorite(until Episode II "Attack of the Clones" and Episode III),especially the music,it's awesome,I always put the bonus disc just to listen to that music:) .
When I saw Episode I in theaters the first time (saw it three times :heh: ), it did not close my eyes at all during the fight. Even though I couldn't see more than a feet in front of me afterward, it was worth it. Can't wait for Episode II (no matter how lame the name is)
777 posts?
It will be your lucky day:) .
Anyway,sure the name is lame.
WTF is Lucasfilm smoking? Why did they take a good series and bungle it up with the 'Attack Of The Clones'? It's just plain weird.

BTW what're you talking about with 'Posts'?:confused:
Heh,keyboard problem,read again;) .
you're just like me. My hands have minds of their own. I don't even remember my password anymore as it's all muscle memory :D I wouldn't be able to write it down if my life depended on it :p
I thought Epi.One Sucked. That little shit, anikin or how ever you spelt his *** name sucked shit. He does was too muck. Make C3P0, makes a pod racier, win the race againts pros who have bee doing that there whole life, and blows up the spacestation in one shot. I only say it casue I like starwars movies. They never once played the starwars "good-guy" music like in the orignals. Vader theam wasnt in it. I know he was vader yet, but they should of remade it so it wasnt so bad, but they still sounded simmilar. Kinda like in the xfiles movie, They toke the starting song from that and remade it in to a different one that still sounded simmilar. That was a way better sci-fi tham Epi one.
I didn't like E.1 as much as the others, but i didn't detest it either. It was just one of those movies that you see and forget (except for the duel...drool...)
Yeah it was a good fight, buy I like the return of the jeti's beter with luke and vader and the emperor
The emperor didn't do much, but that was a good fight. They said that E. 2's fights arw a hell lot better, so I'm waiting for it.
Senator Palpatine is The Emperor.
Did you see that on a toy box? I saw something like that.
Nope,saw it in a DVDs specialized magasine.
same actor's playing palpatine in E.1 and emperor in E.6 (should know that :p). Plus it fits all the clues.
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