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We don't hate you (at least I don't). We were just giving our impressions on your work, why place your art up on a forum instead of a blog if you don't want to hear what other people think about your artwork?

I am sorry... that i said that.
you are right, i wanted other people's views... thanks for being honest.
Its just that i am 13, and this is my hobby and no one says anything about it... thats why i got agitated...

I am deeply sorry... thanks for your answer.

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You PM'd me awhile back, but rather answering in private, I decided to answer you in public, this way it may be of some help to others. I hope you do not mind.

It is hard for me to simply say how to learn 3D 'art', this is in part due to the sheer complexity of it, and due to the fact I spent from 15 to 18 teaching myself how to use 3D Studio Max and other similiar or related programs, thus for along time had no formal education in this kind of work.

In essence the best way to learn is act like a child, odd? no, essentially the more you play, the more you learn, this can be applied to alot of things, however this is true with 3D Studio Max for a very good reason, it has so much, you could never learn it all without exploring..

It's very hard to give specific advice, unless it's related to a specific project, so I will look at what you are doing at the moment:

You are doing work with text, but most of your images lack 3D, in essence they could be totally done in Photoshop using layer styles such as bevel and inner glow etc.

When using 3D text, make it '3D', choose interesting camera angles, from dramatic positions, you've seen adverts, TV, music CD covers with 3D text, take alook at them, offering sharp long perspectives can make text look particulary 'funky', point the camera from below the text looking up, it makesthe text more dominating, and 'dramatic'.

Consider lighting carefully, I dare say you use the standard omni and spotlight objects, which in todays render enviroment are sub par for quality, reality and are really only used for backlighting and focus sharpening. Eg the text lit with a simple over head target spot:

I recommend using (with atleast the scanline render setting, not something more sophisticated like MentalRay) Skylight, it produces accurate 'all around' illumination, and with advanced rendering > Light Tracer will produce realistic effects such as colour bleed, hue changes in shadows etc:

Your compositions are cluttered with too many colours, and colours which utterly do not go with each other, I recommend some googling on 'complimentary colours' and 'colour wheels', this will allow you to balance your focus. Having dark text surrounded by bright and garish colours is simply no good, the text is lost, and frankly the images do not bare any relivance to the subject matter.

If you balance the scene, pick your colours carefully you can achieve much more attractive scenes.

There are many keys to 3D art, but the rule of thumb is no matter how amazing the model, it will look absolutely and utterly $hit without:
  • Good Lighting
  • Good Textures
  • Good Composition

Done in a matter of minutes, but with the correct lighting you can pull off something half decent.

My advice is to play, google up things like "3D Studio Max Tutourials", visit forums like CGtalk, maxforums, or go to places like 3D Total, they offer solid tutourials, from the basics, to more complex fundamentals:

Also move away from doing so much of the same thing, work on one piece, put it up for display and ask for advice and critique, then refine it, every piece of art is a journey, though I don't recommend these forums for 'good' critique. But try to polish 1 logo with some of the tips I have given you, submit and I'll take a look at it.

Once you have done that however, try modelling a simple thing, something on your desk, or from the kitchen, split the object up into basic geometry....but most of all have fun.

I have often pondered making tuts for these forums, I do for other forums and art 'societies', admittedly more on the lines of shaders, motion mapping, IK etc, but it might be good practice for me to go over the very basic fundamentals...

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CKemu... i really dont know how to thank you. thanks for taking the time to write them all down! I will use your advice to do some thing better. I will be busy for a month and a half because of my in the next month i will start working on it...

once again... THANKS!
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