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Slow slow slow slow slow ram. Iirc the CPU bus is 1333mhz, and you're buying ram that's 667mhz.. That's half the speed, your CPU is constantly going to be waiting on the ram. Ideally you'd want 1333mhz ram but you can't get DDR2 in that flavour so you're best off getting PC8500 (1066mhz) and if you're really adventurous overclock it.
500W will be pushing it pretty close, the GTX260 isn't exactly an economical card.. Grabbing a good quality 550W+ (Corsair TX for example) will manage.

No you don't need to worry about liquid cooling. But if you're going to be moving the cpu cooler over from your old pc, you're going to need some new thermal paste - arctic silver 5 is probably the best out there and only costs $5 or so.
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