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Project64k is a special version of Project64.

Project64k is basically Project64 but with Online capability! utilizing the Kaillera client it can connect to a server where people can host a game and other people can join and you can enjoy online gameplay :thumb:

I have included my pj64k for added convenience as you wouldn't need to rename plugins. the good thing is i have lots of good plugins and it 100% works on windows vista. (you don't need Projec64kVE) (no ROMS are included)

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Setting it up:
1. Extract the WinRar file on a location so that it makes a folder with the name of the file.
2. Open up Project64k.exe
3. You will be greeted by a empty ROM list. To fix that go to File and Choose Rom Directory -> click that and select the folder that your roms are in(i suggest putting your roms in the same folder that pj64k is in) now select Refresh Rom Directory in the File tab your roms should show up on the list.
4. Now it's time to verify you have the correct default plugins go to Options > Settings. Make sure you have these selected:
Video (Graphics) Plugin:
Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6
Audio(sound) Plugin:
Azimer's Audio v0.30 (Old Driver)
Input (controller) Plugin:
N-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.83

If you made any changes like selecting the right one click Ok.

5. Now it's time to set up your Controls. go to Options > Configure Controller Plugin
1. Keyboard
2. Controller

1. If you are gonna use a Keyboard as the control Set up your buttons by clicking the move button and select the key you want to assign it to. No changes needed as it recognizes the keyboard strokes. If the Range and Deadzone settings are preset don't move them they should be good for keyboard use (to access the deadzone setting select the Devices tab)

2. If you are gonna use a Controller (Nintendo 64, PS3, Xbox 360, etc) you're gonna have to tell the plugin that you have a device connected and that you want to use it. If your device needs drivers in order to be recognized by Windows or other programs install them first. After all of that you will notice that you can't set controls with your controller. To fix this click the Devices Tab. On the right there's a box that says "GamePad" select the scrollbox and your controller SHOULD show up there. if it doesn't make sure you have the rights drivers installed. Select your deadzone and Range and set your controls as normal

Great they work offline now.. but in playing online there would be a instant Desynch(you receive packets that are different from other players which causes each player seeing different things in their screen). To fix that make sure in the Controls tab the "Real N64 Rage" checkbox is unchecked. now select the Controller Pak tab and uncheck "Raw Data"

6. You are all set now with setting up the emulator for playing games offline!
7. Setting up kaillera: Go to File > Start Netplay you should see a little box open up.
Nick: In this area you type in the name/username you want to be seen as for example Bob. people will see "* joins: Bob" when you login and "<Bob> hi guys" when you type in the mainchat/gamechat
Quit Message: in this area you can type a message that will display when you leave for example * Parts: Bob (this is my exit message)
Connection setting: in this place you choose the connection type. Good is used the most but people will choose Exellent and LAN sometimes for the lowest Delay possible(some connections can't support these so be aware).
Change Mode: 1. P2P 2. Client 3. Playback
1. P2P means Peer2Peer choose this setting to directly connect to a friends computer for the lowest delay/lag possible. This gets rid of the need of a server to play. In order for this to work the host needs to forward their ports if they are behind a router. The person connecting would need their friend's ISP IP(not the IP that your router gives. www.whatismyip). If you are connecting to your friend click the connect tab and add the IP in the field next to the Connect button(you can also store your friends IP by clicking the Add button). If you are gonna host a game click the host tab and select the game you are hosting and then click host. Wait for your friend to connect and the p2p client will receive the incoming connection, it'll accept it and he is connected. You can also record games by clicking Record Game(this is where playback comes in place) after your friend successfully connected check the box that says ready.

2. Client is the client window where you connect to a server and you have a chat window with a list of the players and the games currently being hosted.

3. Playback is used to playback the recordings made by pj64k(please note that it leaves them in a KREC format and are not for videos they are mainly recordings of the key presses and then plays back all the presses made which in results makes it in a way a recording. you can playback the file and then go and record with a recording program).

Master Server's List: click the button to show ALL the servers that are currently online. (usually down)

Custom IP: click this button to add a custom IP to connect to.

Connect: Click this to connect to a server that is highlighted or you can double click the name of the server

Add/Edit/Delete: With this you can store server IP's the name of the server, you can delete or edit the info with these buttons. When you click Add in the Name field assign a name(preferrably use the name of the server) and in the IP field put in the IP of the server with the port number example: "27888"

there are 2 main servers for playing nintendo games(conveniently they are located in opposite sides of the USA) to connect to a server:

West Coast Server: IP: Name: Emularena Grounds - {Unit laX} (located in Los Angeles) If you are west coast or central add this server!

East Coast Server: IP: Name: Emularena Grounds - {Unit X} (Located in New York) If you are east coast or central add this server!

Canadians can also use the east or west measure..

Popular Online Games:
Games that are most played are:

1. Super Smash Bros. (U) [!]
2. Mario Kart (U) [!]
3. Mario Party (U) [!] (1, 2 and 3)
And other various N64 games.

Kaillera is available on MANY emulators like MAME32k(arcade games like Street fighter) or Snes9k to play Super Nintendo Entertainment System games.. and other various emulators.

connect to one of these servers and right click on a white area on the game list box and hover over a letter from the alphabet and choose a game to host. have your friends connect and you are done. there's also a * section hover over to get an option to load a * Chat (not game) and a * Away (leave messages)

This is not recommended for those on a slow connection. Because it is online you will experience DELAY. Your ping is measured by how many ms it takes for you to ping the server and back. The higher the ping you have the more delay you will get. Choosing different connections can lower delay(refer to the netplay box) The lower you have the better.

High ping DOES NOT cause Lag. Lag can be caused by a slow connection your computer, programs like MSN, AIM Torrents etc.

(if you are a online gamer you should know all about this by now... it's common gamer knowledge :D )

IF you have any questions you can add me on MSN: [email protected]
or post it right here.

Note to MODS: this is not advertising this is a thread for project64k for online play. it's pj64

This also doesn't have ANY links to download ROMS(no roms are in the RAR file as well)

I would appreciate it if you can make it a sticky :thumb:

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There is NOTHING official about Project64K, so theres no point in creating an official thread.

Project64Kve is recommended as it doesn't require the renaming of the 1.6 plugin to make it work.
Also, you are NOT allowed to package the emulator with ANY of Jabo's plugins except those included with the original 1.4 binary, doing so is a breach of the PJ64's team's copyright, and i doubt you requested permission from Jabo to include it.

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There is NOTHING official about Project64K, so theres no point in creating an official thread.

Project64Kve is recommended as it doesn't require the renaming of the 1.6 plugin to make it work.
Also, you are NOT allowed to package the emulator with ANY of Jabo's plugins except those included with the original 1.4 binary, doing so is a breach of the PJ64's team's copyright, and i doubt you requested permission from Jabo to include it.
The only reason i said official is because there is no project64k thread. (there's plenty of "official" threads in tons of forums).

Well that's true i guess.. BUT in the one i uploaded the plugins are already renamed. I've sent my pj64k to vista users who had previous problems and had no problems with mine.(there's no need for Project64kVE)
I'm not making a official pack with plugins or anything.. i'm not selling it. I'm just making it easier for people so that they don't need to rename plugins, download plugins etc. All it is my pj64k folder without the roms compressed into a RAR file uploaded into Megaupload haha!

anything else?

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I don't care if its your own pj64k folder, you still haven't got permission to include the 1.6 files.
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