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Its been not long since i've started to delve
into the PS emulation scene...
anywayz well i've tryed epsxe 1.2 b4 and
the new epsxe doesn't seem to have the
savestate-memcard problem anymore...
i am currently playing ff9 and even though i use both
savestates and mem cards the memcard's saves
don't dissapear...and the temp000~~ whateva files don't
appear also...

hmmmm... i wonder why this new correction was not
written on the epsxe whats new section....

conclusion: EPSXE 1.4 IS AWESOME!

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Yep,ePSXe doesn't use the Temp memcards anymore,which solves that serious problem.
That's why now I can't stop using savestates like in Zsnes,I didn't use them much in 1.2.0.
Keep up the good work guys.
(_Demo_,Calb,Galtor,and Pete are my gods).
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