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Your Favorite SNES RPG?

The Most Favorite SNES RPG?

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The SNES has arguably the best collection of classic RPGs that are very fun to play even at today's 3D gaming scenes...
So those who have SNES before I know you will at least play one of the RPG listed above...
which u think are DA BOMB?
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Can't decide, many great titles.

PS : Zelda is NOT a RPG game....

has to be chrono trigger :) good game and well worth playing again, Chrono Cross (for the psx) is fairly good as well :D
zelda: alttp is a action RPG rpg lor....
Tales of Phantasia, are there any others? ... well yeah, Star Ocean also gets there as second best :p
earthbound owns your face.
I won't be original... Chrono Trigger ;>>>
You wrote FF3, are you talking about the US FF3 (FF6 jap) or the real FF3?

Oh, and Zelda in an adventure game, not a RPG, not even an A-RPG
Kellicros said:
Tales of Phantasia, it is damn addictive. :p
And then we're not even talking about the beautiful graphics, and the music :D Also very nice how they made an original battle system with voices. And this game can be quite a challenge at moments.
wow that was a hard decision X_X, and I'm not sure yet >_> I like many games from the snes, its stil my favorite rpg console XD, every good rpg started there then somtimes got even better (e.g. : FF7 ZOMG!) or well just went down or wasn;t even close to its precedent (e.g. : Chrono Cross >_>) but well chrono trigger has just one of the most fascinant story lines I just love the game and game play X_X, ff3 (ff6 jp version >_>) its just the best final fantasy in the snes XD, illussion of gaia was just well as terranigma and how could I forget SMRPG:Lot7S great rpg I wish nintendo would an rpg like that again >_>, secret of mana just plain awesome gameplay I really like it=) (one last note the music from all the square enix game for the snes was awesome too >_>, specially final fantasy wow Nobuo Uematsu well is just a Master >__>)
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Hmm, now that I think of it. Secret of Mana 2 (seiken densetsu 3) is my favourite Snes RPG. The replay value is very high, it's a game which shows about the best graphics and sound on snes. And it's a very nice and challenging gameplay.
wow, i really thought CT would dominate.

This poll can't really work 'cause SNES was like a utopia of RPGs... there are just too man y good ones on the console.
illusion of Gaia also no RPG(like zelda), things are called: Action Adventure , less text more action ^^
wbr Shin Gouki
Tales of Phantasia translated :)
I remember that there was also an ips dub patch to the voices in english :D
Final Fantasy 3
great characters and good storyline
Chrono Trigger, I loved the battle system when you made a combo with 3 spells,
I think ff9 used something like that...
Too... many... can't... decide... I'm just glad I own most of the RPG's that I love (FF2/FF3/CT/SMRPG/Lufia1&2/Zelda3/SoM/SoE), so I really really really have no clue which is my favorite... they're all just... classics. :heh:
1. ToP
2. Star Ocean
3. FF6

Honorable Mention: dragon knight 4.... well kind of, but PC/PSX version is a little better. ( ahahaha, well the first S-RPG hentai game you play has got to be special :p )
1. Chrono Trigger

I just loved that game to death.

Yet, I loved almost every rpg out there for the snes. Even FF:MQ.

I'd say "Harvest Moon" yet it was a simulation more than it ever a RPG.

Bahamut's Lagoon, Treasure Hunter G, and many of the other non-translated SNES games. Deserve just as much love.
Yes also for me Harvest Moon is a simulation game, and the lands are very few (where really play), and we have to use only a single character. Who knows, maybe the 'Mineral Town' game on gba is different ;)
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