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Kirby said:
just answered my question there :p ....but how big of a difference???? the 6800GTs are close to 250 anyways
The 6800gs is at most less than 5% slower than the 6800gt, but costs $50 less(newegg is selling one for $209 right now). It's also been stated that Nvidia will be fazing out all the 6800 series except the 6800gs as they are readying their 7600 parts.

Also, it's been confirmed that the new 6800gs uses the same PCB as Nvidia's new 7600 cards. This way it makes it easier for AIB partners to quickly produce both cards.

Katsuya said:
Will it have an AGP version?
Not likely. It's time to move on if you're in the market for a new video card.

Reichfuher said:
The 1600 got decimated o_o, especially for that price tag. Nvidia is really hitting hard with this little tricks up their sleeves they had stored away just for ati's next generation.
The x1600xt was decimated before the 6800gs anyways. ;)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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