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hello je suis belge et quand je lance une iso ps2 il me dit (the game is not ps2) je n arrive pas a les faire allés


I am Belgian and when I launch an iso ps2 he says to me (the game is not ps2) I do not arrive has to make them going

PS:My English is not terrible ;) i am 16 years

my config is

Gssoft 0.8
paddwinkeyb driver 0.8
peops 1.2
cdvdbin driver 0.67
usbnull driver 0.3
peops dsound 1.2
second controller
padwinkeyb driver 0.8
dev9null 0.2
firewirenull 0.3
europe v0.1.60(04/10/2001) console

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Mount the ISO on a Drive Emulator such as Daemon tools / Alchol 120%. Setup CDVDpeops to use that virtual drive.

Then hit RunCD. If you get the same error 'This is not a PS2 Game!!". Close and Restart the emulator, then instead of RunCD use "Open ELF".

Browse to the virtual drive, and choose the main executable (should look like "AAAA_###.## (A's being a set of characters, usually SCES, SLPM, SCED, SLES, PBPX. The #'s being a set of numbers)). Then in the emulators menu go to "Run>Execute". This will run the game directly, regardless of if it's detected as a PS2 game by the system.

Note, that if you can find the AAAA_###.## file, it's proberbly not a PS2 game at all, but thats the problem with warez ;) You should buy the real thing.

Also note that alot of games do absolutely nothing, or crash, or those that go in-game will run at VERY low speeds ;)
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