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The future of psx emulation?

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Seriously, what does everyone think the future of psx emulation holds. With the big boys of commercial emulation slowly dying, and the free psx emulation world thriving, were does everyone think it will go.

Will sony attemp there own emu project? Will there be anymore commercial start ups? Will sony try to move in on the free psx emu's. Will we see the be-all end-all emu for psx? Will Connectix write a new emu, will Bleem go under?

Personally I think the whole thing will die of for a while. Everyone will get sick of psx and move onwards and upwards. Then, in a few years will be saying, "Hey, there were some awsome games on that thing!", like we are with consoles like the snes now. There we will see the psx emu scene reamerge in a blaze of glory with near perfect emulation of almost every single game.

Hope my ramblings don't bore to many people, just something else to think about.
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tha future and what it drops

ok tha future holds half-ass emus. the after the ps2 itll be hard to emulate jack. by the time that comes we will be grown up and not really care where it goes. we will have the best until we stop. also bleem might as well be dead they should release a 1.6 final and vgs needs to fuckin update theres to 1.5 and fix the not workin at all with pentium 4 and maybe a last update on all the final games on the systems release those aint been tested. also, a new ps2 emu needs to come out then i need to invent a do all system emu(all systems and a cd copier and converter) like an ultimatge system by merging shit, i dont know its way early im out. i love emus alo too. everyone thinks its bad..someones got it worse..people tink they like something the most..someone like it, a nd is more obsessed than u. i love emus seeya l8r
I think that the emulation scene will be better and better.
Even if people are saying that consoles are hard or even impossible to emulate, there always be people that will do the rumored impossible.
Just think of the n64.
It was said that it was impossible to emulate it.
Look at it now: there s a buncha emus.
so emulation will always go on.
I agree with ya rargh, but I still think it'll take years after a console is realeased for quality emulators to come out.
There will always be emus , until the end of time !!!!!
If one man can build it why can't another? If it can be built with bricks why can't it be built in stone?

ie if something can be created via hardware I see no reason why eventually it could not be done in software.
Emus will always be there,but it will be harder and harder to emulate future console cause more and more functions will have to be emulated.
emulation is not just on games you know, girls, cars, animals, ... so it will never dies :D
Originally posted by 404
emulation is not just on games you know, girls, cars, animals, ... so it will never dies :D
Yeah,can someone here emulate Alyssa Milano for me please?:D
at the speed of how fast cpu speeds are growing , I wouldn't doubt it that every console will be emulated one day.... Next year we may have 5 gig comps..... Now where is that ps2 emu I had?
Plus, look at how graphics cards are just getting more and more powerful.... geforce 4? anyone?
Future Ill tell you it

Yes there will always be emus no matter what (unless we stop playing games (doubt that). Why? Because Emulation = Free or Cheaper And We love it when you have to pay nothin or less then half the cost of a system. Easy as that

Once agian, I did this too increase my posts (heh), And share my 1cents
Originally posted by Raziel

Yeah,can someone here emulate Alyssa Milano for me please?:D
no promise for 100% emulation tho, how about 1%? :p
If the body is perfectly emulated then it's ok(guess I won't be able to talk to her,BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG:p )
Originally posted by Raziel

Yeah,can someone here emulate Alyssa Milano for me please?:D
Alyssa Milano? Sabrina Ferilli is more beautiful.... big boccie e pure romanista... W la Roma!!!!!!!!!! Forza Totti, Bati e Vincezino....
Siamo noi, siamo noi, i campioni dell'Italia siamo noi....

Ok... let's stop joking....

The future of PSX emulation? We need TOTAL (or HIGH) compatibility... There are a lot of good psx emu but only one is the best for compatibility and FOR ME it's FPSE....
Just one question karma:
How old are you to be so childish and protect your "toy" so blindly?
Originally posted by Raziel
Just one question karma:
How old are you to be so childish and protect your "toy" so blindly?
More than you... see my "Profile"...
Indeed you're older,but you and your teamates should learn what is respect and to be modest.

Oh,and about the sentence that FPSE uses(Emulare Humanum Est) it surely comes from "Errare Humanum Est",but in your case,you're no more humans,I just can't remember how much errors you made.
I'm modest and i know what is respect.... I respect the people that like X but i don't respect the people that hate Y and try to convince people that X is better than Y or that Mr. X is a fu**ed person.... Everyone is free to say that X is the best or Y is the best..... The best doesn't exists... The best is relative... For Mr. A the best is X and for Mr. B the best is Y.... The best is not X.. the best is not Y.... the best maybe is X+Y...

I'm a little communist italian PSX coder....
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