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The Farthest I have Gotten with EPSXE on WinXP ^_^

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The Bios goes no further
No ISO works
No CD Works


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I am happy with Win98. I never see the startup sequence on ePSXe though. (Thank god). How did you get it?
Ninja: Just use the RUN BIOS option instead of RUN CDROM.:)

CIoud: Maybe you have a bad BIOS, have you tried both SCPH1001 and SCPH7502?
I've got XP and have gotten things up and running...

I have XP RC2 and I have gotten ePSXe up. I use the Internal epsxe W2K cdr plugin and have no problem reading CD's. However, I've only been able to test it with ISO backups of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy 5. The Video and sound is okay on both, but definitely not the best it could be. I'm going to pick up a bona fide FF7 and see how that performs. It took me a while to get my cdr going, but I finally did. Also, I'm using XP Professional, not the crappy home edition. Anyway, I'll post more as I figure more out. I'm pretty new to all this...
LOL, i have all the bios, downloaded them all, all of them hang there.

I too have WinXP Pro, im gonna keep trying to fiddle with it.

And im using a DVD Rom, maybe i should rip my CD-RW from my other box......hmmmmmmm
I'm all the way through disk 1 of Tales of Destiny 2 and have started disk 2 in WinXP. I've had no problems.
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Originally posted by RedawgTS
I'm all the way through disk 1 of Tales of Destiny 2 and have started disk 2 in WinXP. I've had no problems.

Redawg... Why don't you post your hardware and plugins you are using as well as configuration on those plugins. I've been wrestling with Vagrant Story, trying to get a game going where the sound will actually work correctly. Also, any driver versions would be helpful as well. What build of XP are you using? I'm using 2526 of XP Pro. I'm a newbie to this ePSXe thing, but I like what I see so far. However, I'm wondering if an ISO of Vagrant Story is not a good platform to test this baby out...
if you are using petes cdrom plugin(1.7) It will NOT work with my DVD drive in XP, but works fine with a CDRW, so that could be your problem (Either that or you forgot to set your cd drive in both plugin and cdrom config screen :p)
Another thought is that XP,like 2000, has no ASPI layer. You might need to use force ASPI
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