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I’m a student majoring in electronics.Currently,I’m doing a project about emulator.My knowledge is limited.Could anyone here help me out?

My situations:

The emulator I used is SEED-XDS560PLUS.I driven it under the SEED-XDS560Plus Emulator for CCS4.x&Above which is an office site.

The development environment is CCS5.5.

There are 64 in my computer ThinkPadE490,WIN7 64.

The chipe I use is TMS320.

The emulator could be launched when I use XDS560,also it can connect the target board.Even it’s successful when I load the program.However the environment of CCS frozed after loading programs.Sometimes there is maybe a blue screen here.Why ? How can I solve it? The trouble occurred by emulator or the chip or computer ?

Thanks a lot.
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