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The Drag Trick

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Hey! I'm not sure if somebody ever said something about this but...

If your No$GBA path is like in usb, it's always a bummer when sometimes you have to find the path again for it to work...

But not anymore!

I found out that if you drag the rom file into no$gba.exe, it'll automatically run it :lol::lol::lol::lol:

No more Open File... dialogs for me :)
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Couldn't you just associate you're files, it would be safer.
Not just no$gba by the way...this works for many many apps.
All this means is that the program accepts a filename as the first argument (ie c:\no$gba.exe c:\romfilename.nds). Windows's behavior is that when you drag a file onto another, the source filename is automatically the first argument passed to the destination app. If the program doesn't accept arg0 as a filename to load, this obviously doesn't work.
What matters is the file format (.png, .jpg, .exe, .msi, etc.), so I'm guessing the program executable is looking for one of these.
Well sort of, no$gba.exe is programmed to open .nds files, and that's why it opens them when dragging them over the exe/ the same way for instance the exe for an image editing program like gimp is programmed to open .gif, .jpeg, etc. files.
No a .exe can't open another exe and .msi is an installer package so it can't open anything or be opened by anything either.
Seriously this is not a revolutionary thing. If a program usually opens a type of file then just dragging a file of that type over the exe or shortcut for the program will open the file in the program.
Couldn't you just associate you're files, it would be safer.
I could note to you that association is very unpleasant if you are using more than 1 app...i'm using tons of rom editing...and they can all be associated.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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