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The difference between a wife and a lover is 30 kilos

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University charges?oO This is something new. Usually, getting *cough* wasn`t allowed whatever the circumstances. What I find most amazing is that people actually pay (although it isn`t unusual for the boys to show off that they *cough* a girl).
And the thing about the libraries... well, I guess that`s purely...strange.
Thats pretty ummm... i dont know what to say. boys being unexceptionally unresistant to this. ahem. oh well.. lifes changing like hell. and well maybe its time for a change

and thats disgusting you know. the library and i also bet that 30kilos is true although its 2 good 2 b true
I can just imagine what a librarian says: "Hey Loyd! We have another pisser."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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