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Hi all, nice to see that there is such a lot of information to help on x360ce configuration for lots of games. Thanks for that.
As the thread "X360ce Problems With Games" mentioned, my issue will be described as follows, but for the sake of reducing time reading just a little brief: I can't make the airplane of The Crew 2 to fly steady (it keeps moving a little bit to the side I started moving after the first move) and I don't know how to configure x360ce for this.

The details, as recommended:

R1. What is the full game title? What is the main executable file? Is x360ce in the same folder?
The Crew 2. TheCrew2.exe (x64). Yes it is. OBS: BattleEye is 32-bit.

R2. Which x360ce Library (=xinput1_3.dll) version are you trying? Is it 32-bit (=x86) or 64-bit (=x64)?
xinput9_1_0.dll. x64.

R3. Which x360ce Library filenames did you try?

R4. Which Windows version are you using? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?
Windows 10 pro 64-bit, not activated. Updated until now and with the VC_redist's required.

R5. What gamepad did you try? Which driver does it use?
The old PS3-like "Dazz" controller with windows 10 default driver (the driver provided by the manufacturer doesn't work with the game, making it crash).

R6. Attach your x360ce.ini
File attached.

R7. Attach a log

R8. Is your controller set-up with x360ce?
Yes, everything mapped on x360ce and working on the game.

R9. Can you get x360ce to work on any other games? Also, does the game work OK without x360ce?
Trying to use just in "The Crew 2". The game works fine without the controller.

R10. Is the game set-up for controllers?
Yes, but the keymapping is very awkward, but recognised all the commands needed for airplanes, until now.

R11. Do you fill all of the x360ce Requirements?




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