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Friends, lets have a nice little thread about PC cases.


I've been wanting to change the case in my home entertainment setup for a while, I currently run a Bitfenix Phenom M, but I've grown increasingly tired of the front panel looking like a piece of crap that can't be cleaned easily. Coupled with the fairly poor airflow I'm done with it.

For my setup I want something that can lie on it's side, matx, has radiator support and enough space to store 2 5.4" hdd and an ssd, but not an overly large case. Preferably something that doesn't look like complete gamer ass.

I looked at the HTPC cases but they severely lack cooler support and are kinda weak overall. The fractal 605 would have been perfect but it's been out of production for a long time.

After exhaustive searching I might finally have a winner. Keeping in mind it's going to be sitting horizontally next to a speaker at the base of my setup.

I think the mesh look will be great, at streaming and idle my current fans are inaudable, but I want something with better airflow for playing more intensive games. Lying on it's side it has a look like a speaker, enough hdd storage and the feet can be removed for better symmetry. How a budget case became one of my best options I have no idea, but I think it ticks every box I require.

The other option could possibly be the Corsair Carbide 240. It seems like a great cube case, but I'm not if the aesthetic would match my setup. Definitely a good looking case, but I'm note entirely convinced.
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