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The Guv vs. The Prez
We know that football fanatics, gamers and athletes everywhere are anticipating the release of Madden NFL 06 on Tuesday, August 9 – but now we can add another category of the ever-expanding mix of Madden NFL fans: governors.
Indeed, in honor of the release of Madden NFL 06, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush paid a visit to the Tiburon Studios in Orlando, Florida, where Madden NFL is produced each year. Gov. Bush applauded the Tiburon staff before getting a demonstration of the game.
Well this is odd. Can we expect Dick Cheney to show up as the coach?

Can we expect a Hot Coffee mod for this?

Also wasn't GWB a cheerleader in his school years so can we expect something like this to show up as well? ;)

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maybe banning video games maybe it wasnts a bad idea........
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