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The Bug Reporter Utility - Do not post bug reports

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Current Stable Release: 1.14
Current Beta Release: NA

I decided to create the "Bug Reporter". This program creates a text file in the same folder as PCSX2.exe called Bug Report.txt. That text file then could be posted on the forums when a person has a game problem.

Users must put this exe file in the same directory as PCSX2.exe for it to work.

1.01 Speed Hacks have now been converted from binary to English.
1.02 Increased readability. More information included in report (emulog.txt).
1.03 OS Check. Some useless information removed.
1.04 Removed even more useless information. Increased readability for the average user.
1.05 *Removed even more useless information. Increased readability for the average user.
1.06 Grabs user's active video card. Removed redundant erom stuff.
1.07 Fixed speed hack detection. Improved Operating System detection. Changed compression method for zip.
1.08 Now converts cpu option data from a numeric value to readable english text.
1.09 Gets the service pack of the os. Data from Gabest's plugin is now included.
1.1 Fixed some minor errors and added a visual theme. A link to the PCSX2 Game Troubleshooting Guide is now included. New exe icon that happens to have more meaning than the one before it. Various other things.
1.11 Added SSE4 detection (Gabest's SSE4 version confused my GPU checking method). Removed theme due to compatibility issues. Physical memory detection added.
1.12 Modified physical memory checking (what a nightmare).
1.13(Beta) Converted the Code from Visual Basic 6 to Realbasic. Almost same functionality as 1.12. Added a check to see if a Direct X SDK is installed. The link in the bottom left corner has been removed (freak accident will put back). App now fully utilizes the aero theme. You must have at least Windows 2000.
1.14 Fixed the crash error (fileinuse error code 104). Also updated sync hacks/gamefixes detection to coincide with PCSX2 0.9.6.
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The save state version. It's written to the start of save states, and checked when loading them to prevent Bad Things. Note that save states are gzipped, so you won't see it if you open them up with a hex editor.
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