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The Bug Reporter Utility - Do not post bug reports

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Current Stable Release: 1.14
Current Beta Release: NA

I decided to create the "Bug Reporter". This program creates a text file in the same folder as PCSX2.exe called Bug Report.txt. That text file then could be posted on the forums when a person has a game problem.

Users must put this exe file in the same directory as PCSX2.exe for it to work.

1.01 Speed Hacks have now been converted from binary to English.
1.02 Increased readability. More information included in report (emulog.txt).
1.03 OS Check. Some useless information removed.
1.04 Removed even more useless information. Increased readability for the average user.
1.05 *Removed even more useless information. Increased readability for the average user.
1.06 Grabs user's active video card. Removed redundant erom stuff.
1.07 Fixed speed hack detection. Improved Operating System detection. Changed compression method for zip.
1.08 Now converts cpu option data from a numeric value to readable english text.
1.09 Gets the service pack of the os. Data from Gabest's plugin is now included.
1.1 Fixed some minor errors and added a visual theme. A link to the PCSX2 Game Troubleshooting Guide is now included. New exe icon that happens to have more meaning than the one before it. Various other things.
1.11 Added SSE4 detection (Gabest's SSE4 version confused my GPU checking method). Removed theme due to compatibility issues. Physical memory detection added.
1.12 Modified physical memory checking (what a nightmare).
1.13(Beta) Converted the Code from Visual Basic 6 to Realbasic. Almost same functionality as 1.12. Added a check to see if a Direct X SDK is installed. The link in the bottom left corner has been removed (freak accident will put back). App now fully utilizes the aero theme. You must have at least Windows 2000.
1.14 Fixed the crash error (fileinuse error code 104). Also updated sync hacks/gamefixes detection to coincide with PCSX2 0.9.6.
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and Hacks = 7?
that means youve ticked every single hack.

can you add the first chunk of the emulog to it as well? bit with specs and everything, makes it easier.

but any n00b who doesnt know what hes doing is unlikely to use your little program ;p

what would be even better, is if you could translate the options etc. that was you dont need a dev around to work out what options they have ticked etc.
and I was a bit confused the hacks option, but i think i get it now..
since theres 3 hacks, and hacks = 7, I guess then we're reading this in binary.
so binary 7 is 111, and the "1" stands for a hack being on, whereas "0" would be a hack is off.
correct :)
001 = Disable ABS hack
010 = EE/IOP SYNC hack
100 = Tighter Async Timing
its merely a version number, it doesnt "mean" anything afaik.
most of the stuff in the ini is unimportant, but itd be cool if you could expand "Options=" as this is there cpu options. this is what the numbers are in hex (they are stored in the ini as a decimal)

MTGS = 0x1
Dual Core Mode = 0x2
Frame Limit On = 0x4
EERec = 0x10
VU0Rec = 0x20
VU1Rec = 0x40
COP2Rec (forced on, not needed) = 0x80
ForceABS (forced on, not needed) = 0x100

Frame Limit modes in Options:
Normal = 0x000
Limit = 0x400
Frameskip = 0x800
VUSkip = 0xc00

so for example, mine says Options = 147 which is 0x93 in hex, which shows i have

EERec Enabled
COP2Rec Enabled (but we dont need this info)
Dual Core Mode On

or another example 112 (which is 0x70 in hex) shows i have:

EERec Enabled
VU0Rec Enabled
VU1Rec Enabled
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i dont think that crash report is of much use to use.
New verison uploaded.
Fixed speed hack detection. Improved Operating System detection. Changed compression method for zip.

Refraction: Are the hex codes for the cpu options correct on page 2?
in post 19? i should hope so, they came out of PCSX2, i just edited the description :p
yeh the EErec one isnt working :p

My current options


output given by bug reporter

[Cpu Options]
Frame L. = Normal
EERec on = False
VU1rec on = True
VU0rec on = True
DC on = True
MTGS on = True

so everything else is correct there, but eerec isnt

Edit: wierd, i put a frameskip mode on, then turned it off again, now it works lol
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I feel real dumb right now. Where the heck is Gabest's configuration file for GSdx. I can't find it.
I suggest having a line stating whether any of the speed hacks were enabled so Refraction & rest of the ps2 team doesn't have to chase down useless bugs and waste time. Maybe have it as the very first thing listen in the bug report so that speed hack enabled problems can be discarded immediately.

Then I suggest it should be manditory that people who submit a bug on the 'unofficial pcsx2 beta discussion thread' also submit a bug report so refraction can ignore people who post with hacks enabled (and to make doubly sure that they don't have the hacks enabled [despite refraction asking people not to submit bugs with hacks enabled I just know its going to still occur ;)].
Anyone who doesn't submit a bug report on that thread is ignored.
thats nice of you to suggest, but its already in there :p
But how about making a bug report mandatory on the beta discussion thread? You haven't stated that yet.
It could be submitted via attachment as not to clutter up the thread
sounds like a good plan
erm, this is a thread for the program (which you didnt even bother to use) not for reporting bugs.
hello guys em psx3 coming date? when pcsx3 build pcsx team soory my bad english
this is the second time ive seen off topic spam for stupid questions from you, im giving you a warning, keep it up, next itll be a ban
time this got a sticky! we are short on stickies atm :p
ALL Wild Arme AND GSdx V0.1.8 - SSE4

To See Issue And Download Bug Report For All Wild Arme
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________

this isnt a bug report thread, do NOT post the bug reports in here.

And stop adding that picture as a fake sig everywhere, ive warned you about that before as you KNOW it breaks the rules. so im giving you a warning, dont do it a again
Edited the title slightly, evidently some people find it confusing.
Altered it a bit, but i bet it doesnt help.
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