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The boring footstep in Vagrant Story

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I have had enough with the "didudidudidu" footstep.I tried all the
audio plugins I got,but failed.Even the VGS suffers from the same
problem.I think many people have this problem too.Is there some way to correct the damn bug?I really want to know

My spec:
MSI k7tpro2
geforce MX400
cmi8738 PCI audio with WDM vision driver
pete'sd3d 1.51
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No body knows?Or it's just a "Mission Impossible"?
Somebody plz tell me
I've tried a lot of settings too, but it just won't go away. I really wish there was a fix for this cause it's so annoying.
it used to work with a spu plugin, but i forgot which.
theres no solution for it!! at least for now
the problem is due some wierd frequency modulation that VS uses
that i remember, the SPU works the best is Pete´s direct sound
if u want to help, try to find some info about this
see ya
Thank you all.At least I know what to do now
i´ve heard the new iory´s SPu 1.471 make VS works perfect
go try it out!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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