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You have at least two characteristics to look at here. First is the sharpness and readability of the text. What was naturally softened from small jagged lines by the TVs of the 80s/90s now has to get softened again by the software. It's just like upsampling an ASCII character and seeing how cruddy it looks today. Then you have the textures which you want to blur/smooth at the same time to a certain degree. I was surprised to notice that some of these shaders also effected the brightness. Some of the darker examples look like they've gone too far.

*2xSaI doesn't do as well as I expected in that test. The textures are blurred decently but the text isn't up to grade with some others. This it the shader I have the most experience with both in ePSXe and many other emulators for older consoles.
*The other 2x___ shaders look downright horrible here with mushy text.

*The FF7 shader fails as well. While the text is bold and sharp everything in the image is darkened. The textures in the window are still noticeably jagged. Even worse some of the shading from white to grey has been completely washed out of the windows into a white mess.

*The "Natural" series, and the "Pete" shaders below that, all suffer from jagged textures in the background despite their good, clean text in the foreground.

*The first half of the 4x___ column has jagged textures too. The 2nd half has smoother textures but still we have text that is a little cloudy. It is readable but wouldn't be my first choice.

*The AA Shader 1.0 Daisy and Bloom win out to my eyes. The text is beautiful here. Of those two, I prefer Daisy, but it is darker than Bloom so Bloom may be preferable in situations. The 2.0 series softened up the text too much so it presents a regression from 1.0.

In the end though just looking at one scene from one game doesn't necessarily help.:( I personally wouldn't mess around that much with options from game to game I would just pick something tried and true and stick with it. I may continue using 2xSaI for this reason.;)

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The games name is Final Fantasy Tactics for you lazy people who don't read past the first sentence. And as for jonc2006's post, I had no clue it created glitches, I hadn't gotten past that screen yet, so I wasn't able to test anything out. Thanks.

If you look at the bigger picture though, the screenies will be an easy way to see how these filters might look in other games. =D

The mainmap disappears in the hardware plugins at random, and unless you have incredibly powerful hardware, a massive slowdown as well.
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