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The Best Online Game

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Im a huge rpg fan and waiting for ff12. But in the meanwhile ive been playin online games. Most recently R.O.S.E. I dont want to pay for monthly subscriptions. So can anyone recommend a good free rpg online game?
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guild wars is an online game that has no monthly fee. u do need to buy the game once tho.
I also recommend Guild Wars. I own it myself and must say that I'm downright amazed. It's not the usual mmorpg, but it has features that most mmorpg players would love to see in their games. Of course the lack of monthly fees is also a very big plus. I think you won't regret the 40 bucks or something.
yeh ive heard of guild wars but i havent seen it in the shops is there any games that i could download
You can download the Guild Wars client and buy the registration code at Well aside from that I only know MU online which I didn't like very much.
BTW i played KAL online for a while and it sucked
Anarchy Online is free until 15th of January 2006...
ive had a look at it but it seems kinda dark
Maybe you give Maple Story a try, it is a 2D Side-scrolling MMORPG, a free-to-play game. ;)
thanx for the suggestion but ive played maple story it
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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