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Here is the story of NGEmu's arrogant guy , a story of love and honour (side note : :p )

Kaiser , the guy who every one consider him as enemy . Arrogant attitude , no kind feelings what do you need more to hate him ? Oh , his unbeatable ego .

Well , in this series (yes it'll be series , incase I'm still alive after he reads it :p ) I'll uncover the secret behind Kaiser's rivalarity with NGEmu members :evil:

Part 1 : Samor .

So , as we all've seen we can't put Samoir and Kaiser in the same thread or it'll lead into some dangerous public fights ;)
Ever wondered why ? Let's see ....

Scene 1
Long ago before you (reader) have joined NGEmu .
Kaiser : This place is stupid . No one to tease :(
Kaiser is sitting alone , Looking at his watch .
Elly : Hey Kaiser , why don't you come here ?
Elly is waving to Kaiser from Samor's balcony (And if you haven't noticed yet , he wasn't an admin yet)
Kaiser : Oh , looks like a party , That's real good :evil: . Many ppl to tease .
Kaiser leaves his spot and heads to Samor's villa .

Bobbi : So I hope you enjoy it here .
Mary : Well , you guys are so helpfull :) . I think I'll like it ;)
Bobbi : That's good .
Then he looks to Samor .
Bobbi : I'll be leaving now , sorry I wanted to stay but I have some work to do .
Samor : Well , thx for attending in the first place .
Samor guides Bobbi to the main door . They open the door to find him standing .
Kaiser : Oh , nice timing there . I see you were waiting for me .
Samor : Actually , Bobbi was just leaving .
Bobbi : Well , nice to see you Kaiser . Enjoy the party . (Kaiser was still newbie)
Kaiser : I think I'll enjoy my time .
Kaiser enters giving the attenders a cold look and self trusting smile .
Samor closes the door behind him .
Kaiser looks around , NGEmu was still small compared to today . But he finds all it's resident there in the villa celebrating .
Kaiser : Strange . Why did Samor make that party ? Is today special ?
Unknown : Well it is special for Samor .
Kaiser looks back .
Kaiser : Who's there ?
From the dark corner behind him 2 red eyes shine , then they get a yellow colour . DW takes a step into the light .
Kaiser : Oh , even you came . I thought you don't leave your dark palace .
DW continues his words ignoring Kaiser's comment .
DW : A friend of Samor arrived today , and she might stay here .
Kaiser : She ? You mean a girl ? Here in NGEmu ? Hmm .
Then he sees her . Mary , laughing gently with her cute face . She was talking with Kane , light was reflected on her glorius eyes which made her look about to cry . She then moves her hair away from her face and continue talking .
The heat enters the cold heart for the first time . He was astonished . That he lost the arrogant attitude .
Kaiser : Lord of Darkness . What's her name ?
DW : We sensed your heart Kaiser . You have a crush on her .
Kaiser : Me ? Oh come on , I mean ... No I'm not .
Kaiser tries to regain his cold impression .
DW : Haha . Mary .
Kaiser : What ?
DW : Her name , Mary .
Kaiser : Well I don't care , but I wanted to know who's the new victim just . Nothing you are thinking of DW .
He looks back again to DW , but he wasn't there .


Kaiser talks a few steps forwad crossing the circle around her .
Kaiser : Well , hello my lady .
She then notices him , with his arrogant smile and dominating standing pose .
Mary : Hello there :) . And who might you be :) ?
Kaiser : Kaiser , Kaiser Sigma .
Samor : As in James , James Bond .
Samor appears behind Kaiser .
Kaiser thinks : What's the guy doing ?
Samor : Kaiser , is one of NGEmu's strangest citizens . He finds pleasure in getting in to fights .
Kaiser is still thinking : Stop , shutup . You you ....
Mary : And I'm Mary , beware of me when it's about trouble ;p
Kaiser : I was ..
Samor suddenly interferes : Mary , have you seen NGEmu's great clock ?
Mary : Nope . Is that good ?
Samor : We better hurry then to the balcony , it'll be midnight in one minute . You can hear and see it from there ;)
Samor is taking Mary with him , when she looks back to Kaiser .
Mary : Come with us , I think it'll be a good thing ^_^
Kaiser : Well , no thank's . Enjoy your time .
Mary : K then , cya around .
She leaves with Samor and many others go out to the balcony as well .


Kaiser can see the dark sky from his place , ppl at the balcony counting down for midnight .
3.. 2.. 1 ... Dong
It's midnight , every one in NGEmu is happy . A new resident has came aswell . It was peacefull . But for some one feeling bad .
He leaves the place alone , no one even notices . And the clock continues knocking the 12 knocks .
Out at the cold . He sits again at his place , alone . But this was the first time he noticed it , that he was alone . Away from him he can see lights from the villa .


Scene 2
Mary is planting tomatoes in her garden (Well , I said it's fantasy :p ) .
Kaiser was crossing the street when saw her (umm , by coincidence :D ) .
Kaiser : Well , hello again .
Mary : Oh , hi ^_^ . Can you give me a a hand here ?
Kaiser : Well ofcourse I can :) . (Love makes miracles :evil: )
Mary : Samor , isn't taking care of his garden . But I'll be different , I'll make my garden better than his ;)
Kaiser gives her a stupid smile , which means he agrees .
Mary : So what about your garden ?
Kaiser : My garden , my garden . It's ... Oh I have no garden .
Kaiser thinks : I can't tell her my garden died long time ago .
Mary : Oh that's bad :( . May be you should try making one your self .
Samor arrives .
Samor : Good morning Mary .
Mary : Hey it's you :D
Samor : Kaiser ? What are you doing here ?
Mary : He is helping me :) . He is a very helpfull guy , actually you are all .
Kaiser tries to hide his blushing (Now I'm afraid I might get assasined :p )
Samor : Well what about you leave the garden and I'll take you in a tour around NGEmu . There are many places you haven't seen yet .
Mary : Oh in that case , the garden can wait .
Kaiser thinks : What the ? I was going to tell her the same thing before that .... appeared .
Mary : Ok thank you Kaiser . We can stop for now ;)
Samor : Kaiser you are becoming a helpfull fellow really :) . I hope you keep the good work and forget bout your old quarrels ;) . Btw , what were you doing in that part of NGEmu ? Isn't your house away from here .
Kaiser : Me ? I was , I was ...
He notices Boltzmann's sign on the next door house .
Kaiser : I was going to visit Boltzmann . It was long time ago since I last visisted him , really .
Mary : How cute ?


Knock Knock . The door opens .
Kaiser : Well hello Bol...
Boltzmann : You came in time , Kaiser . Come fast .
Kaiser follows Boltzmann to his studying room .
Boltzmann : I've just finished my 99999999 pages research about ways of fighting the Tsee Tsee mosquito . I'll read it to you ......
Kaiser thinks : What the ........


After 10 hours .
Boltzmann : And after the failure of Bonanae's way in decreasing the rate of Mosquito's reproduction with the Tsee Tsee mosquito's we come to a conclusion that there is no way to fight the Tsee Tsee mosquito :) .
Kaiser : ...........
Boltzmann : See Kaiser , my 99999999 pages research says we can't fight these insects . Kaiser , why are you looking at me like this ?
Kaiser leaves angrily .
Kaiser : I'll get my revenge from you Samor .


Scene 3
Kaiser : Mwahaha , my plan will never fail . :evil: (Sidenote : It'll fail :p )
Kaiser takes the package and runs to Samor's villa .
Many guys are at Samor's birthday .
CpuMaster : Plz leave your present here with the other presents .
Kaiser : Ok , take it plz . :innocent:
Kaiser's present is put with other presents .
Kaiser thinks : I just have to wait :evil:


Samor is finally opening his birthday presents .
Samor : Thx , that thermometer will help me really .. er knowing my temperature every day . Thx boltzmann :)
Samor thinks : What the ... did he get that stupid idea from ? A thermometer for a birthday present ?
Kaiser : And now open my present , Samor .
And so Samor takes Kaiser's present is opening it .
Kaiser thinks : Wait Kaiser my love . You'll get your revenge :evil:
Samor finally opens it .
Kaiser : Mwahahahahahhehehehehehoihohohohoho :evil:
Samor : Wow , a discman . Cool , thx Kaiser :) . You've changed alot ^_^ . Btw , what were you laughing at ?
Kaiser : ???? I was laughing because I remembered something . Oh yes something funny I saw yesterday :laugh:
Samor : Anyway , I've seen you've changed into a helpfull guy and you even showed your good side . I got you another present :D , here it is .
Kaiser : Oh thank You Samor , I'll open it now :) .
Kaiser thinks while opening : What happened ? I'm sure it wasn't a discman !!!
Samor thinks : Strange , Kaiser gave me the same present I'm giving him ! Are we thinking the same way .
Kaiser thinks : Did I took a wrong box with me ? No , I don't even have a Discman to give Samor it ? Strange this package looks just the same like mine . Wha...
Too late , he opens it .
Boooom .
The ink bomb explodes and Kaiser's face turns to blue . Every one laughs .
Kaiser looks at his love to find her laughing to death as well .
Kaiser runs out of the place . And gives another last look to the villa .
Kasier : I'll revenge from you Samor . :angry:

*********** The End .

It's me cloudvii talking . Now , I need some one to hide me :D .
Side note : the words in brackets ( ) are my words :p (At least most of them) .
Did you like that ? Should I tell you the other Parts ? As you know this is just Part 1
Btw , Kaiser it's for fun . It's a fantasy .

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lmao, you people have a lot of time on your hands :) nice story :)

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/me inserts a plane ticket into cloud's pockets...

my friend... run... run... RUN while you can :p

On the other hand, if by the time you are reading this you are already dead, I'd like to ask Dante Yagami to type out your address so I can send you some tomato seeds

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Proto said:
/me inserts a plane ticket into cloud's pockets...

my friend... run... run... RUN while you can :p

On the other hand, if by the time you are reading this you are already dead, I'd like to ask Dante Yagami to type out your address so I can send you some tomato seeds
I'll type it as long as you gave me another plane ticket :p
I still like living :p :p :p

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this doenst make sence at all.

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Great stuff Cloud :D Why don't you ask Osama for a good hiding place? :p
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