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The $50,000,000 bottle of soap.

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So here I was happily playing Gran Turismo and after a long race I decide to take my baby Acura NSX Type Szero to the car wash. I hit the clean button and it spun around and was all shiny, I also noticed that my credits were reduced from 5000 to approx -49 million. Thats right, negative 49 million bucks. Some guy at the car wash is out to kill me with a pressure sprayer if I don't pay up.

Is this some epsxe emulation glitch or does some guy GT programmer have a sick sense of humor?
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Yes, he's right. Don't know what causes this though.
Sometimes I can wash my car, sometimes not. I leave it dirty anyway ;)

Here's the before shot (reduced)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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