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That's why I love emulators 8)

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I usually don't post things like this, but this one...OMG! You guys must see this. Look what I managed to achieve using emulated wiimote and a dualshock2 controller. I still can't believe.:eyemove:

Do you guys remember the first ball in the game? That one I posted about in Super Mario Galaxy thread how to pass using the emulated wiimote and a dualshock controller a few pages/weeks ago? Well, that was hard, but THIS is by far the hardest thing I've ever did in emulators.

Look at this mess


Sometime after with a lot of patience

And so here it is

And the moral of the story is: What would the be the world without the complications of modern emulators? Thanks Ector and the Dolphin Team for so much fun :thumb:
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