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thank you and goodnight

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I believe that there has been a misconception of constructive criticism. I have been accused of flamming when in fact I gave a valid account of how Bleem sold me a hand full of beans and a promise. The value of a message board does not lay in the opinion of administrators but in the UNBIASED way that it represents public opinion. I will no longer post here, it is not worth the trouble, I also will not read posts here any longer as I now know that I am only getting what the administrator holds to be 'acceptable' rather than a representative sample of public opinion. Thank you and goodbye.
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Uh...I'm not sure what you're talking about, but all admins are quite unbiased in regards to the forums. I'm sorry to hear you won't be reading the boards because we only allow "acceptable" threads, but if that is what must be, that is what must be.
It's interesting that he only has 1 post.. Which means that either a) He never really posted anything that he was accused of flaming for, or b) He was banned for some offense, and created a new account (Which we all know people definitely don't get banned for flaming bleem!, nor for flaming anything after a first offense). If it's a, he just plain needs to get off the drugs. If it's b, well, it's really a shame that he won't be posting anymore AFTER HE WAS BANNED, huh? :rolleyes:
I won't even say anything, or else Lan will bust out his "knowledge" on me.
this is rediculous

I only have one post, because I was a new member, and my only thread ever posted here befor this one was removed, why would it say that I have it if it were removed? And removed without sufficient reason, that is the purpose of this thread. I did not curse, I did not deface, I simply gave a negative account of bleem that related to mine and others experience with that company, and the administrator simply said that I was flamming when I was not. I gave valid criticism.
And you Lan, congradulations, did you get my private message? Im glad your logical falicies were justification enough to attack my character. I will not attack you, I was kid once and its just part of learning. But for a word of advise, you really ought not rely on your assumptions of a person and attack someone you don't know.
Also I have never been banned. I hopefully will be removed, I sent an email about a week ago asking to be removed from this system but appearantly it still hasnt happened.
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I don't mean to rain on your parade but didn't you say you wouldn't even read the forums again? Or did the message boards send you one of those annoying e-mails say that someone posted in this thread?
now now guys give the guy a break..He's just a bit mad regarding what happened to him. i mean i would be if the same thing would have happend to me ..
Daprean i would really like you to give this forum a chance .its one of the most pleasureable ones you would ever be posting in .frankly speaking this forums community is extremly friendly and would help you with all their hearts devotion. Once again i strongly suggest u to change your opinion, after that it's your own wish. what u seem fit u may do . i just though ill clear a bit of mis-understanding that took occured here...
heh.....ppl started harassing me cause i was the top poster around deleted 550 posts of my total 605 so ppl would fuckin' leave me i live a happy life...
you should come to VGN a little more...
high post counts are some kind of sport there ;)
That's nothing. The folks on the were trying to break the record for the longest thread. The '1st to 1 millon' thread. It reached around 150,000 posts (for one thread :eyes: ) then the message board collapsed and has not been seen since.
Originally posted by Betamax
That's nothing. The folks on the were trying to break the record for the longest thread. The '1st to 1 millon' thread. It reached around 150,000 posts (for one thread :eyes: ) then the message board collapsed and has not been seen since.
Can you send me a link of that thread.........
I want take a look with it :p
I'm afraid I can't. Like I said the message board has collapsed. They are having to change companies (the original was on delphi but the new one is going to be at their parent company future).

The most popular topic of consersation was between the AOL users and the AOL-Sucks groups. :D
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