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It looks like Small Soldiers meets Team Fortress 2.

I wonder how well this will do?

Going on the the title and things ripping on Team Fortress 2, it's not so original itself. I have Team Fortress 2, but never play(ed) it much or was too into it. The reason was basically because of another game. I preferred the multi-player aspect of Renegade to it, which I think it may have taken some of it's concept from. It, too, was an arcade style game versus most other realistic/serious styles that dominate the FPS genre, but it had base destruction instead of flags or points to capture (or whatever it is), plus there were vehicles and a credit system, so it seemed better overall to me (though I'm a huge Command & Conquer fan). I mean, the Medic's gun in that game seemed so copied/inspired from the Engineer's in Renegade (it healed vehicles, structures, and infantry it came into contact with). The Spy seemed influenced from the Stealth Black Hand infantry. The Engineer builds automated base turrets akin to the base defense structures which are automated. It goes on. By time Team Fortress 2 came along, the emphasis on teamwork and the arcade style that were new to many others wasn't new to me. Of course, none of this is a bad thing. It's a good thing. Renegade's great multi-player was, unfortunately, one of a kind. It's just that this was some of the same, but since I was already playing Renegade (which I did and do consider better), I wasn't willing to invest into playing both regularly. It's a shame the visuals are so outdated (and were even in their time), which gives everyone a bad impression of it. Best multi-player game ever.

In any case, more games that go that route is good by me. I'd love to see another Renegade in either the Tiberium Wars or Red Alert 3 time frame/universe.
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