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Bloody Roar 2 -> Ok background music
-> Better Speak (near to be perfect)
-> Rarely slow down
-> Run only with BIOS 1000 (no with 7502 and 1001)

Hokuto No Ken 2 -> Speak on presentation
-> Background "FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" noise
-> Stop before the first enemy encounter
but background music continues
* Pete D3D + Pete CD + Pete DSound

Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure -> Now correct Background music
-> Now correct speak
-> Rarely slow down for a while
* Pete Soft + Pete CD + Pete DSound

Metal Gear Solid -> Echo effect on Speak (How to solve the problem?)
* Pete D3D + Pete CD + Pete DSound

Marvel vs Capcom: Perfect

Emu: -> The system doesn't automatically reboot after exit emulator when I use BIOS 1000
-> When it read the game from cd with XA tracks, some times it slows down for a few second, whit all the game tested below. These doesn't happen with ISO or disabled XA. In 1.1.0
this problem wasn't, but now the audio is great.

My PC: Athlon 600 Slot A, 384 MB RAM
Geforce 2 MX, SB Live!,
CD Plextor 40x SCSI, Pioneer Atapi 16x40x
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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