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Emucase01 said:
and as i said b4, u kno bush is a dork at times but hes tryin to fix s**t and the least u all could do is atleast give us some support so we can get the job done, and get our troops back.. i have a lot more to say but i guess i can leave it off here...
Taking away your freedom with Patriot Act, to me it means that the terrorists are winning, because that's exactly what they want. They don't like freedom, and by committing terrorism they want you to be scared. If people are scared, it means the government or rather "those in power" can pass any laws they want as long as it means people feel safe, even if it means giving up all your rights. Without any rights you are not free, meaning you have no freedom.

You can either be safe, or free. It's very likely if you choose to be free and start encrypting your harddrive etc, you could eventually be labeled a terrorist. This is why they are passing laws that allows them to wiretap you without your knowledge, check what books you rented at library etc.

Luckily we are still somewhat free in Sweden, but I'm afraid it's getting worse day by day.

There's alot more going on than most people think. Sure there is alot of conspiracy theories aswell, but who can honestly say that they know exactly what is true or not these days?

Also, if you want interesting news, news that matter, I suggest going here and listen:

[With creepy voice] But keep in mind, they could be watching you!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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